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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)- Mediation in Family Law Matters

Absent a court order waiving the requirement, all family law cases in Utah are required to attend alternative dispute resolution or mediation at least once before a case can proceed to trial. It is in both parties’ best interests to mediate in good faith and exhibit civilized and courteous negotiations to diffuse conflict, avoid unnecessary hostility, and increase the chance that mediation can result in a full settlement of all issues in a family law case.  Most often, the best outcome for a client is an agreement negotiated between the parties that will save both parties the time, cost, conflict, and emotion that protracted litigation and a trial would cause.  Our attorneys are skilled in representing clients throughout mediation and negotiations—which are a voluntary and non-binding experience unless our clients agree to enter into an agreement.

In a small percentage of family law cases, settlement cannot be reached even if everyone has made a good faith effort to mediate and negotiate.  While our attorneys value the ADR process, they are also prepared as trial lawyers to go to trial if settlement efforts fail. 

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