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Domestic Violence, Protective Orders, Stalking, & Stalking Injunctions

In Utah, legal protection is available to victims of domestic violence, stalking, and sexual violence with protective orders and stalking injunctions. Protection is also available for children that are the subject of domestic violence and child abuse with child protective orders. Each of these types of orders are intended to end the abuse suffered from threats, harassment, stalking, sexual violence, physical violence, and intimidation. In Utah, an applicant seeking protection cannot be denied protection based on a victim waiting to report or seek violation, as Utah legislators have recognized that there is a real pattern of abuse and victims sometimes are unable or too afraid to seek help at the first instance of abuse.

The type of protection a victim might be entitled to depends on his or her specific facts, including whether the victim cohabits with the abuser.

Allegations of domestic violence and related abuses and threats are taken very seriously and handled expeditiously by the courts in Utah.

If you are a victim of domestic violence or if you are faced with accusations of domestic violence, you need a dedicated and experienced family lawyer to help you understand your options and long-lasting implications. Domestic violence is a serious issue that needs to be handled properly to avoid further repercussions. Our attorneys have experience in seeking protection for victims and in defending clients from allegations of abuse.

If you are in an emergency situation, please call 911.

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